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I get it, I get it. You enjoyed your July 4th cookout hotdogs and you couldn’t say no to the Lays potato chips.

Then… Friday came. “Well it’s Friday and I’m still on holiday time. I deserve this footlong Philly Cheesesteak”, you say.

Good lord… then it continued… “But it’s the weekend. I like peanut butter pie for dinner. Peanut butter has like… protein in it and stuff. Oh yeah, and confectioners sugar is gluten-free… gluten free I say!”

Dude. C’mon.

So here you are on a fresh Monday morning. You need to flip on the “Beast Mode” switch and get back on track fast.

You’re in luck. I do have a Hardcore Finisher but let’s be honest here… ONE won’t cut it.

And when I need “Beast Mode” on, I go to a guy that specializes in turning on your inner Beast Mode. His name is Travis Stoetzel (pronounced like “pretzel” in case your’e wondering).

In fact, way back on May of 2012, we joined forces to bring you “Hardcore Finishers”. But Travis is NEVER satisfied.  Like you, he wants to be better, so he did it again…

The NEW Hardcore Finishers 2.0 <== AKA “Beast Mode” finishers

Not only does he have 21 BRAND NEW Hard-to-your-core finishers, but he also put together 10 NEW Bodyweight Hardcore Workout Grand Finales, too.

You’ll torch off those hotdogs by Wednesday 😉

So you can start off with this one that I revealed at the Fitness Business Summit last year. The idea is to beat your time each week. Make sure you’re completing each rep with perfect form. If not, you need to REST.

Your muscles will twitch, but that’s a good thing. That’s why it’s called…

99 Problems but the Twitch Ain’t One Finisher

Do the following circuit ONE time, resting only when needed.

Jump Squat (33)
Decline Close-Grip Pushups (33)
KB or DB Swings (33)

What’s your time? Next week, try to beat it.

And Get 31 NEW Hardcore Finishers here

Since Travis set up a special offer for us Finisher Freaks, I’m also throwing in my ZERO-EQUIPMENT “Xtreme Fat Loss Finishers 2.0”, too.


Get 31 NEW Hardcore Finishers here 

Then forward your receipt to us at cranktraininghelp@gmail.com.

We’ll send you the Xtreme Fat Loss Finishers 2.0.

Boom goes the “I burned it off this week baby!” Dynamite,

Mikey, CTT

P.S. But hurry, this special offer and bonus expires Wednesday night 🙁

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