7 Ways to Burn More Fat

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Seven The stage was set.

The caffeine was in my bloodstream, I had just finished taking my client through a tough bodyweight workout and “Training Montage” from Rocky IV was in my music playlist que.

“Boom goes my workout dynamite today”, I said to myself perhaps out loud… I can’t remember.

Sure, I got some strange looks, but the veterans of this gym looked at me with that “Yeah baby… that’s Mikey. Mikey knows what’s up. He’s going to earn his weekend pancakes in about 30 minutes or less… kinda’ like that old Dominos pizza commercial.

Uh-oh. I’m getting off track. I’m not focusing on my own workout because I’m too busy making fun of this old school and bald guy over there. I better get back to it” …. look.

And then the fat-burning festivities began. It was like a party… but like… not.

Sweat was poured. Metabolism was cranked. Weights were picked up and put back down including the nasty superset of Goblet Bulgarian Split Squats and DB Rows.

Now that is a great intro to talk to you, right?

But wait… this email gets even more strange.

There will be NO transition. We’ll jump straight to the list…

7 Ways to Burn More Fat 

“Mikey, that was abrupt. Where did these tips come from anyway….and why did you make the title a red font?”

My dear imaginary person, I trained hundreds of people face-to-face one on one, with small groups and even bootcamps.

I’ve seen what works. Hey, my clients even taught me a thing or two because I was open-minded. That, along with being in this crazy industry for years, you’ll love these tips.

Some of them are “Duh, I knew that”, but you need a reminder because you’ve been lazy with it.

Enough chatter…

#1 – Drink a Protein Shake 60 Minutes Before You Go Out

You’ll be satisfied and less likely to to indulge in a mountain of tortilla chips and salsa, that’s why. When you go into a restaurant really hungry, that’s bad news.

#2 – Read a Fitness Magazine, Online Article or Newsletter Every Morning

According to Men’s Health..

“Researchers in the Netherlands say this tactic, called priming, works on a subconscious level. Most recently they found that people who were handed recipes with diet-related keywords when entering a grocery store bought fewer chips, cookies, and cakes–even if they said they hadn’t really paid much attention to the handout.”

#3 – Upper/Lower Vs Full Body

I’ve seen the BEST results with full body workouts, but sometimes you just need a change so that you stay consistent.

So if you’re on a full body workout 3 days a week, you can switch to a upper/lower split.

Like 3 days a week?
Mon – Lower Body
Wed – Upper Body
Fri – Full Body

Or if you like 4 days a week…
Mon – Lower Body
Tue – Upper Body
Thu – Lower Body
Fri – Upper Body

And of course, if you’re on a split, move to full body workouts.

#4 – Don’t Watch Reruns of “Friends”All Day  


I always told my clients to enjoy a walk outside or play with their kids… just find something you enjoy. You won’t burn a ton of calories, but what it does for your mindset is what’s beautiful about this. You’ll find making better choices MUCH easier.

#5 – Donate to a Charity You DESPISE

Here’s the deal. Claim to the world (use facebook, twitter, email, forum… whatever) your monthly goal.

For example. You promise to do the following in the next

30 days:
12 workouts
4 reward meals only

If you miss the mark, you donate money to a charity you despise.

Make it enough that makes it sting… like $100.

#6 – Eat Until You’re Stuffed… Wait….

I enjoy being full. It’s so rare for me that when it happens, I like to celebrate. Sometimes I punch a wall in victory. Sometimes, I dance naked in my living room.

But if ate until I was stuffed every time, I’d be back to my old self within a week. Wanna see something special? Watch me on Thanksgiving.

So, eat until you’re satisfied, not stuffed. Of course, if it’s a reward meal, that’s different 😉

#7 – Swap for Singles

If you’re squatting, good for you. Now switch those out for split squats.


DB Split Squats are one of the most under-rated exercises ever. You’ll crush your quads, glutes and hamstrings even more. Plus, you’ll improve your grip strength and improve any imbalances.

Do this with the Incline DB Chest Press (work one side at a time with the other hand on your abs. You will SMOKE your core if you do a rep range of 6 to 8 per side).

Abrupt ending,

Mikey Whitfield, Master CTT

PS – Like these tips? Good for you. But that won’t do anything for your health. Start using ONE tip from this list today. Print this out and refer to it often, along with this quote…

“If you don’t like where you are, then change it. You are not a tree.” – Author unknown

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