7 Easy Health Hacks

Well, I did it again.

Yesterday, I was 100% work-free.

I suggest you do this once a month, and then work your way up to doing it once a week.

I’m talking NO email, NO texts and NO writing “to-do” lists.

All your time should be devoted to your family and friends, and even carve out some “me” time. I carved out about 90 minutes yesterday and read a good chunk of “Unbroken”.

This works. Every time I discipline myself to do this, I start Monday with so much energy and focus, all while being rejuvenated.

It’s what some of the cool kids call a “life hack”.

I love these “Hacks” lists. They are short and to the point (unlike this intro to the health hacks you’re about to read… oops).

<< Abrupt ending to intro here >>

Health Hack #1 – When you don’t have much time, this is your go-to full body Tabata…

It’s basic moves. It hits your whole body. It’s intense and burns calories. Enough said.

Bodyweight Squats (20 secs), rest 10 secs – 4 rounds
Pushups (20 secs), rest 10 secs – 4 rounds
Alternating Prisoner Reverse Lunges (20 secs), rest 10 secs – 4 rounds
Plank (20 secs), rest 10 secs – 4 rounds

8 minutes. You got this.

Health Hack #2 – Focus on the muscles you’re working  with every move

The next time you do a DB Row, focus intensely on your back and biceps…

… they will work THAT much harder without having to increase your resistance. This goes for every other move, too… like Squats, Chest Presses, etc. etc.

Health Hack #3 – Write down what you plan to eat and then eat it instead of eating and then writing it down

It’s the ultimate plan. It’s annoying having to rewrite what you took the time to write down, so you’re more than likely going to stick with what you originally wrote down.

Health Hack #4 – Use a smaller plate

Don’t underestimate this. When you use a smaller plate, you could reduce your calorie intake by up to 20%.

Health Hack #5 – Get new music every 4 weeks

Studies show that listening to motivating music will enhance your workouts and performance.

Every 4 weeks is when I change up my own program. When I change my own program, I change up my workout playlist, too. I’ll usually grab songs from my existing library, but I’ll treat myself to a few new ones, too.

It keeps me consistent and looking forward to sticking with it.

Lose just 2 Starbucks trips and use that money towards new music 😉

Health Hack #6 – Plan your rewards WITHOUT the guilt

Last night, my family and I went out to IHOP. I knew they had  the new “All You Can Eat” pancake offer, so I didn’t indulge in my Sunday lunch knowing I would have my pancakes for dinner.

By the way – I love going to IHOP at night. It’s less crowded. Plus, you’re eating pancakes at dinner time. This is amazing. It’s breakfast for dinner, aka “Brinner”.

Anyway, planning your reward meals ahead of time keeps you on track until that glorious moment. Plus, you eat without the guilt.

Health Hack #7 – Write down your “oops” moments.

Did you eat 7 slices of pizza in one sitting? Hey, it happens. I’ve been there myself. The important thing is to write down (either that night or the following morning) in a notebook about what happened.

What caused it? Stress? Emotions? Just flat-out really hungry?

Then write down a couple of ideas to prevent this from happening again. You’ll stumble on trends and ways to break bad habits.

But PLEASE don’t beat yourself up over it. Leverage these moments to learn more about yourself. You’re human.

I could write these all day, but let’s not get on info-overload.

Besides, I have to get ready to play some pick-up basketball.

Ohhh yeah… that reminds me….

BONUS Health Hack #8 – Find something you enjoy to stay active.

Don’t think you’re too old, either. I’m on the court with kids in their 20’s and I’m 40. I plan on playing until the good Lord calls me home 😉

It keeps me young. Staying active will keep you young, too.

Boom goes the health hack dynamite,
Mikey Whitfield, Master CTT

PS – Later this week, I’ll reveal the #1 cardio for fat loss and it doesn’t require a treadmill, bike or elliptical. In fact, it only requires your body. Boom.

PPS – I’ll be doing a Fitness Q & A on my facebook page later today. I’m aiming for around 10AM EST.

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  1. Bellaisa
    8 years ago

    I hear you about the day off. When you write and blog for a living, taking a day off needs to be a conscious choice (and it is sometimes REALLY hard to make that choice). But, I find that I’m a million times more productive for the next week when I allow myself to recharge for a whole day. That means no checking stats, no social media, no going through comments, and no email.