4 Key Aspects Of Ab Training

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Guest Post by:
Dennis Heenan, CTT

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I scoured the Internet and magazines for years searching for how I could finally get six-pack abs.

I followed exactly what the “experts” and fitness models were saying about doing “fat burning zone” cardio workouts, endless crunches, drastically cutting calories, and even tried some shady supplements.

Yet… To my surprise and frustration… My abs never showed through, even after months of hard work.

The problem, as I soon realized, was that the information in the magazines and on most fitness sites was just the tip of the iceberg.

They were holding things back. When I realized this, I decided to take things into my own hands.

And it was during this time that lots of testing and tweaking started until I final stumbled upon the solution that finally allow me to burn off my belly fat once and for all.

And now you can do the same thing.

Below I cover the 4 techniques that you must focus on when training your abs, a technique I now call Direct Hybrid Focus. Take a look:

1.  Train multiple muscles at once, not just your abs.

This is where most falter. They focus so much on directly training their abs, hoping that they will somehow start to show through the layer of fat covering them up.

The problem with direct core exercises is they do not allow your body to burn enough energy.

When you workout, your body uses up stored energy. And one source of stored energy is fat. So in order to burn off that fat, your energy expenditure needs to be high.

So by focusing on exercises that hit multiple muscles at once, you allow your body to burn up more energy… Which is exactly what you want.

2.  Increase your intensity.

Your fat burning thrives on intensity. Multiple studies have proven that high intensity exercises are a must when it comes to burning fat.

So in order for you to get the best possible results, you must strategically increase your heart rate throughout the workout.

The more you can push your anaerobic limits, the better fat burning you will see.

(Note: Anaerobic exercise is like a sprint. Something that drastically increases your heart rate in a very short period of time.)

3.    Challenge your metabolism.

 You can challenge your metabolism in a variety of ways. The key is getting a ton of work done in a short period of time so you can get the afterburn effect from your workouts.

This means when you train properly, your metabolism and caloric burn will stay elevated for hours even after your workout is finished.

4.    Directly work your core.

Finally, we have our direct core focus. These are exercises and movements that allow your ab muscles to build strength and get that “sculpted” look.

Now this of course should be your last focus because the other parts that we covered before are much more powerful.

But common, who doesn’t like a nice little burn in their core every once in a while?

So how can you take these four techniques and place them into a single workout?

Check out the workout I put together for you below and see:

As you can see, we hit all aspects on our list. That’s the kind of ab workout you need to be doing in order to get your best fat burning results ever.

Keep it simple, keep it intense, keep it focused, and keep on burning!
Dennis Heenan, CTT

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