4 Finisher Tips You May Not Know

Mike and Brian

Have you done your finisherz and take the vitaminzzz??

I love my Iphone. It seems like every day I find something new I can do with it that helps me. I was just in Michigan last week doing some filming and of course in the Atlanta airport, you have to pay for wireless service.

But all I had to do was “turn on” my personal wifi hotspot and then I was able to connect my laptop to my phone to connect to the internet.

Easy peasy…. and it was a big benefit because I was able to knock out a couple of emails (I’m kind of slow at typing on my phone… I’m getting there).

When I did that, it hit me. You read and use finishers all the time. That’s great… but are you getting the most out of them?…

… maybe not.

Let me fix that for you so you can get the most out of the finishers. Here are four strategies you can use to get your best results (without cardio of course)…

#1 – Use a Strategic Finisher Schedule

Unless you’re ONLY doing cardio for fat loss (and certainly hope not), you’re either on a full body workout schedule or a form of an upper/lower split.

First, let’s take a look at the total body schedule. This one is an easy choice. You can pretty much roll the dice and go with one.

However, if you want to define your upper body more (shoulders, arms, chest), then simply pick an upper body finisher to hit those trouble spots.

Having trouble with the thighs or looking for leaner, firmer legs? Hit a lower body finisher. The variety of set and rep schemes with the short rest periods will give your body a stimulus it’s never experienced. That’s where the definition comes in.

Now, if you’re on an upper/lower split or something similar, there’s a few of things you can do. If you’re trying to lose fat faster, you could easily plug in the OPPOSITE muscle group finisher. For example, if you’re on an upper body workout day, you could polish off with a lower body finisher.

A density style finisher works great with any type of upper/lower split. They are short enough for a metabolic afterburn but won’t impede recovery. Just be conservative your first week. Trying to gain muscle? That’s the next tip…

#2 – Create More Dense and Defined Muscle AND Lose Fat

Another benefit of using workout finishers is you’ll see more defined muscle because you use more resistance than traditional interval training and because of the disturbance on your metabolic systems with the unique set and rep schemes.

But to get MORE benefit with the finishers, you can create HARDER muscle by working the same muscle group as you do in your main workout. 

For instance, if you do an upper body workout, you could easily plug in an upper body finisher to produce more volume. 

That means you’ll get harder muscle, giving you a more chiseled look (again, something you won’t find with interval training). 

#3 – Use a Finisher on an Off Day to Accelerate Fat Loss 

This is an easy option. Simply pick one and go with it. Yes, you will be surprised that my finishers are 10 minutes are less, but remember to look at the studies. When using metabolic stacking, you can speed fat loss, improve conditioning and even dominate your workout performance by putting such a unique stimulus on your system.

What you may not understand until you put finishers in place is what it does MENTALLY. These finishers speed fat loss; sure. But it’s more than the calories being burned.

When you take 15 minutes to get to the gym, and then another 30-40 minutes to do your “cardio”, and finally another 15 minutes to come home, that’s over an hour wasted on your day. That’s mentally draining and it takes time from your friends and family. This can easily lead you to poor food choices. I’ve seen this happen with my clients that did this before using finishers.

Plug in one of these quick finishers instead and you’ll be rejuvenated, helping you make smarter decisions.

#4 – Literally Create Your Own Workout

This is perhaps the newest discovery of using finishers recently. I’ve had clients and readers experiment with this with amazing results.

How would you like to literally create your own workout? Yes, you can create your own “metabolic stack”! How cool is that? Here’s the thing to remember when doing this approach…

Pick at the most 4 finishers when using this method. Even then, that’s being aggressive. Remember, “metabolic stacking” uses all 4 variables so that means your body is taking on a lot of volume in a little bit of time.

These 4 variables are density, active recovery, strategic rest periods and high volume with unique set and rep schemes. That’s the beauty of what I call, “metabolic stacking”.

Why you so angry Miss Stock Photography Woman? You’re ripped because you use the finisherzz for the musclezz?

You will want to rest for 2 minutes between finishers when using this method. It’s fun and stupid-simple. Pick your finishers and go after it. You’ll experience INSANE fat loss, but this is just a warning – this is very HARD work. But some readers have told me they saw results within just a few days of using this unique approach.

So, a good example would be something like this…

Finisher 1 – lower body circuit, then rest 2 minutes

Finisher 2 – upper body circuit, then rest 2 minutes

Finisher 3 – metabolic circuit finishers, then rest 2 minutes

Finisher 4 (optional) – density finisher

… only if you’re brave enough.

So there you go.

Tomorrow, I’m going to run you through the NEW “Combo Gauntlet” finisher. It will be good times.

To a fun finish,
Mikey, CTT

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  1. e
    11 years ago

    can children do workout finishers

    • Mikey
      11 years ago

      Great question, but I’ll be honest and say I’m not a children’s fitness expert. I would ask someone who has expertise in that area.