4 DANGEROUS Exercises to STOP [Replace with These Bodyweight Moves]

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It’s my favorite part of the week… I just posted the weekly finisher challenge inside the Finisher Freak Inner Circle.

Members – let me know how it goes. It’s pretty whacky (although it’s only 2 moves). It will hit your legs, thighs and abs harder than ever in under 3 minutes.

Speaking of thighs…

… no, not chicken. I’m talking about those silly “thigh” machines. I see them at my gym and I even see guys on them (lolzzz… silly goose).

It made me want to write this…

4 Dangerous Exercises to STOP <= Cool bold title

Dangerous Exercise # 1 – Abductor/Adductor (AKA Inner/Outer Thigh Machine)

Seriously. Just stop it. This machine can wreak havoc on your lower back as well as your hips.

Replace this silly thing with Diagonal Lunges (this move will also improve your mobility and protect you from future groin injuries (look, don’t laugh like a little school girl, either).

… ok, chuckle… just a little though.

 Diagonal Lunge

Dangerous Exercise # 2 – Bench Dips

The truth is that most people do these wrong. You’ll end up damaging your shoulders and causing shoulder issues for years…

… especially if you’re behind a desk a lot.

Replace bench dips with close-grip pushups. If you want to focus on your triceps, than do them 90% style. That means you’ll only come up about 90% before going back down. This puts more tension in the triceps.

You’re welcome.

Dangerous Exercise # 3 – DB Side Bends

I see this and it breaks my heart. The Side Bends are when you grab a pair of DBs and literally bend to the side to supposedly work your love handles.

The truth is that you’re destroying your lower back. And get this…the next time you do them, FEEL your love handles. See how they actually extend outward with each rep?

I thought you were doing them to flatten them… oops.

Instead, you can do side planks. Side planks can be boring, so you can also do…

Ab Wheel Diagonal Rollouts
Spiderman Climbs
X-Body Mountain Climbers

The Spiderman Climb is a 1-2 punch. It strengthens your entire core, while at the same time help you with hip mobility.

Spiderman Climb

Dangerous Exercise #4 – Behind the Neck Pulldowns

I seriously thought we were past this, but I still see this way too often. Unless you’re a freaky athlete, you don’t have flexible shoulders.

Poor shoulder flexibility + this exercise = OUCH.

That’s what my calculator shows.

What you can do instead… an amazing mobility exercise you should really be doing EVERY day. It’s called the stick-up.

Do a couple of sets of these for 10-12 reps. (They are more challenging than you think, too). Here’s my coach Craig Ballantyne doing them:


More cool bodyweight stuff coming your way of course 😉

In the meantime, I want to give a few Finisher Freak Inner Circle members some recognition…

Crystal is posting her workouts that she’s knocking out of the park late at night (because she’s holding herself accountable). Great work!

Ryan is down 9 pounds and put on 1/4th of an inch to his arms.  Awesome work my man!

Brian has lost 11 pounds and he’s giving his renewed energy to his son, showing him how to kick some field goals. But his quote inspired me (as well as other members)…

“Improvise like tomorrow isn’t going to happen. you can’t teach determination. Determination is between you…..and…you.”

Then there’s Peter, who is truly “in the zone”. He’s dropped 10 pounds and a full inch in his waist alone.

Post your full workouts and progress here 

It’s where I post my own workouts and weekly finisher challenges, including the crazy one I just posted today.

Mikey, Master CTT

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