31 Minute Workout Burns 418 Calories

Ohhhh man, I know I know. Still feeling the effects of too much Easter dessert aren’t ya?

I was lucky… my appetite was down because I was battling a bug all weekend (I even missed my church service – I was very bummed about that!). 

My family was in shock that I only did one round of sweet potato casserole. Frankly, I was too.

So, I’m guessing you DIDN’T have a bug, so you went to town on the Easter food, right? 

Fortunately, I stumbled on an archived Men’s Health and found my friend and mentor Craig Ballantyne’s workout.

They used a Polar FT7 heart rate monitor to calculate how many calories this workout burns and it’s approximately 418 calories. 

They didn’t mention the afterburn… but that’s what these kind of workouts are all about. So you’ll also burn hundreds of calories while at rest, too. 






Now this is an advanced one, so I’ll put an easier version just below it, cool?

Do the following circuit 4 times, resting for 2 minutes after each circuit.

1A) Eccentric Barbell Squat (8 reps) – Take 3 seconds to go down and 1 second to come up
1B) Pullup with Knee-up (2 reps short of failure)
1C) Decline Spiderman Pushup (1 rep short of failure)

Then, do the following 4 times, resting for 40 seconds after each set.
2) KB Swings (10 reps)

Then, you’ll knock out some treadmill intervals…
3) Treadmill intervals
Run as hard as you safely can for 30 seconds, then recover by decelerating to a slow rate for 40 seconds. That’s 1 interval.

Do this 6 times. 

Easier Version:

Replace the BB Squats with Goblet Squats or Bodyweight Squats.
Replace the Pullup with Knee-up with DB Rows (do 5 reps per side).
Replace the Decline Spiderman Pushups with regular or Kneeling Pushups

Replace the Treadmill Intervals with Jumping Jacks (Do 30 secs of Jumping Jacks followed by 40 seconds of rest). 

Now if you went a little too crazy the entire weekend, then stick to this simple meal plan this week:

Lean proteins, non-starchy veggies.

Yep, that should do it. It’s hard, but you can do this. It’s just one week… c’mon! 

Abrupt ending (sorry, I gotta hit the court for some basketball)
Mikey Whitfield, Master CTT

PS – Tomorrow, I’ll reveal how one of my friends is 51, but she’s got better abs (and endurance) than most 20-year olds. Stay tuned 😉

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