Transformation Mastermind VIP Instructions:


After much thought, I have decided to open up the Mastermind Coaching program for 4 weeks.

I want to keep this to a limited number of people as I continue to improve the program. James has agreed again to help with your nutrition (I wouldn’t do this without a nutrition expert to help you!).

Here are the details…

It’s a 4-week program (just in time for summer).

When it Starts: Tuesday May 26th  (the day after Memorial Day)

Note Рonce we reach maximum capacity, we will close down the coaching program. We only have 4 spots remaining at this time. 

I’ll see you on the inside!
Mikey Whitfield, Master CTT

By the way, you DO NOT need a paypal account to participate. Just click on “pay using your credit/debit card” on the checkout screen.

$99 for the first 10 people (only 4 spots left), then $129

Click the button below to get started.