3 Tricks to Get Away With Carbs This Weekend

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carb cyclingThis weekend, my family and I are celebrating my sister’s birthday. One thing my sister and I have in common is our love for Mexican food.

“Oh, Mikey’s a trainer, he probably eats lettuce, napkins and water at Mexican restaurants”.

No way – beef nachos (I even ask for extra cheese), plus more chips and salsa than I can handle.

But yet, I still keep off the 105 pounds. By the way, my sister is the leanest she’s ever been, too. I have no clue how much weight she has lost, but her transformation has been amazing.

In fact, she invited me to do a sprint triathlon with her, but unfortunately, it’s the same weekend as the Turbulence Training Summit. She’s what I call, “in the zone” … and she digs carbs as much as her brother (that’s me).

However, no one on Earth loves pancakes as much as I do (but that’s a whole new story).

One of the most common things you’ll hear in the fitness industry is that carbs make you fat.

Well, it’s true – they CAN.

Well believe it or not, when you consume healthy carbs, like non-processed starches and whole fruits the right way (and even cheat foods like Mexican food on certain days), you should never have to worry about storing them on the body as fat.

And when you use this strategy, not only does it make your plan “sustainable” — it can add a whole another dimension to burning fat. But you can’t just lower carbs all week and then go on a food bender every weekend and expect to keep muscle and lose belly fat.

It’s simply NOT going to work.


You’ll potentially damage or radically alter your metabolism and send your body all the wrong signals and messages for fat-loss.

Strategic carb cycling PREVENTS all of this from happening.

BUT — you have to “time” them properly.

FACT: Study after study shows that over 90% of people who attempt a “low carb” or trendy diet gain all or more of their weight back within a year of losing it.

I’ve seen this happen in my gym in Dallas, GA. They lose 20 pounds, they gain 25 pounds back. It’s frustrating.

That’s because most people time their carbs and other foods the WRONG way and they wonder why the scale won’t budge.

Here are 3 carb timing tricks that you can use to prevent carbs from being stored as fat on the body. My buddy Shaun Hadsall breaks it down for you (and just in time as the weekend comes):

1. A good time to eat carbs in early a.m. when metabolic rate is higher and insulin sensitivity is peaking “naturally”. Plus you’ve fasted all night while sleeping so there’s room in the tank to let the carbs in.

2. A better time is 3 to 4 hours before exercise. This will provide sustained energy to prevent muscle loss and prevent the carbs from spilling over because you’re using them as an energy source and to replenish depleted glycogen from the workout.

3. But the best time is post workout. Your muscle are like a sponge that’s been rung dry and they want to “soak up” extra nutrients – especially carbohydrates. This meal should contain your largest carb serving for the day. Just make sure you have some protein with it.

You see, when you understand how to time your nutrients precisely you’ll discover how you can use carbs to master your fat-burning hormones and control your metabolic rate.

But if you’re not sure how to combine carbs with other specific foods or how to use it in conjunction with the right exercise — you could be dead in the water.

That’s why I recommend you check out my buddy, Shaun Hadsall’s science based Macro-Patterning(TM) food method.

Research PROVES you can now eat LOTS of your favorite carbs and NEVER store them as fat on your body.

(Pancakes and beef nachos… but not at the same time because that’s kind of disgusting).

In fact, you can legitimately “force” stubborn belly-fat to be your “go to” energy source using the 3 simple steps Shaun lays out at this link below:carb cycling

3 simple steps to eat LOTS of carbs and NEVER store them as fat <—- click here

Pancakes and beef nachos (for life),

Mikey, CTT

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