3 Reasons Why Intervals Don’t Work

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Guest Post by Kate Vidulich
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My muscles burned and lungs screamed for a break. The gym felt awfully stuffy as I slumped over the water fountain.

I could sense the GymBoss timer was ready to beep, and snap me out of my rest break. Really? It’s time for another round? There’s no way 90 seconds could pass that quickly.

12 minutes later, my “off-day cardio” for a Tuesday was done. Complete.

You see the dreadmill and I broke up a few years ago. We were having serious issues, so we mutually agreed to split. It got the house. But in the end, I really scored.

Here are the top three reasons why traditional interval training is lame.

Reason #1: Too Much Time

By the time you actually get to the gym, wrestle with gym junkies, get ready to go, 30 minutes could elapse. Add in 20 minutes of intervals and that’s almost an hour down the drain. You could have actually finished your workout in a quarter of the time.

Reason #2: Boredom

It’s boring boring boring. You know the drill with intervals and it’s not doing it for you anymore. You see every cardio machine has a TV on it? That’s because it’s SO boring, you need a distraction. Like ESPN. And it’s still not helping…

Reason #3: Upper Body is Ignored

Traditional interval training completely ignores your upper body. Sad. You need to train movements that hit your entire body, not just your legs. Have you seen the spin addicts? Upper body = not so sexy…

Looking for something different to replace intervals on your off-day workout?

Try a Fat Loss Accelerator

Today’s fat loss accelerator is based on a workout complex, which is by far my favorite replacement for intervals.

But first, what is a complex?

It’s not so complex (hahaha c’mon laugh already). A complex involves doing two or more exercises back to back with no rest in between, and using the same weighted resistance for the entire set. You don’t need a lot of space or equipment. Bonus.

The weight used is a metabolic stimulus, meaning you don’t want to be lifting max amounts. Going too heavy in the early sets is a recipe for disaster and will blow your entire workout. No pancakes for you. (insert Mikey’s sad face)

Editor’s Note – Horrific “sad pancake face” to the right here =>

Now it’s time to press play and give this workout a try. You may notice I’m speaking with a hybrid New York/Aussie accent. That’s just how I roll.

Try this intense Fat Loss Accelerator today.

Ready to rock?

Choose a pair of dumbbells or kettlebells you can lift overhead for 10 reps. Perform each of the following in order with no rest, and without putting the weight down. At the end of the circuit, rest for 90 seconds. Repeat for 4 rounds:

A)    Alternating Lunge to Overhead Reach x 6
B)   Squat Thrust to Deadlift x 6
C)   Front Squats to Push Press x 6
D)   Push Up to Renegade Row x 6

Be awesome. Try these unique metabolic movements to help save you time in your workouts, triple your fat burning and eliminate the boredom of intervals.

You can get more awesome Fat Loss Accelerators here

Rock on!
Kate Vidulich, CTT

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  1. Susan W.
    11 years ago

    Just to be clear, you mean intervals just on cardio equipment, or just running, etc. (traditional cardio intervals). You aren’t referring to a whole body interval routine also involving resistance, right?? I am a trainer and I am almost religious about combining a high total body interval workout combined with resistance.

    • Mikey
      11 years ago

      Hey Susan! She is definitely talking about traditional cardio intervals. I personally know Kate and she loves using whole body interval routines and DB complexes. Nice work on keeping your clients fit and having fun 🙂


  2. Adriana
    11 years ago

    Is there alternate moves for beginners? I am loving the Metabolic Conditioners but some excersices are just impossible because I am not fit!

  3. Denise
    11 years ago

    Love this….looking for some intervals to get back into since I workout at home. I hate the dreadmill too 😉

    • Mikey
      11 years ago

      Awesome Denise! Enjoy – that’s a “fun” one 🙂


  4. gabe
    10 years ago

    Hey Mike am clear on the descriptions but not sure on the executions as no link to the video and how many rounds is basic, intermediate and advanced pal, love you work, kicks my ass routinely buddy