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Guest Post from Strength Coach Travis Stoetzel
Creator, Garage Built Body 

How to Spice Up Your Finishers for Ever Better, Faster Results

It’s no lie, we all love finishers.

If you’re reading this right now I know you know just how powerful these things are since you’re on Mikey’s blog.

And besides all of the great benefits in helping you shred fat and build insane amounts of conditioning, finishers are just down right FUN, FAST, and EFFECTIVE.

I can’t thank my man Mikey “Pancakes” enough for bringing finishers to the forefront and out in to the hands of 1000’s if not millions of people.

He’s got the world going NUTS for Finishers and for good reason…

Add in some well-designed finishers to your workouts and BOOM!  You’ve earned yourself some pancakes (as long as you’ve been eating good overall 😉 )

Mikey’s note => Sorry, but this is the perfect spot for the epic “Pancake Drawer” pic…

That’s one of the things I LOVE most about finishers as I’ve used them both personally and with my clients now for years with great success.

Bottom line is, they work.

So, would you want to know how to make them even BETTER??

Well, first off, you’ve got to use finishers for what they are….  “FINISHERS”

Think of finishers as your dessert within a 3-course meal.

Your mom and dad never let you skip your meat, veggies, and potatoes to go right to your pie did they (at least mine never did 😉 )???

Even if they did, just take it from me that you shouldn’t be doing that.

You can’t be skipping your meat, veggies, and potatoes (potatoes sometimes, if you’re carb cycling 😉 )

You need those essential macros from those foods and if you want to BEST results nutrition wise, you can’t be skipping out on those main portions.

The same goes for your training. 

In this case your meat, veggies, and potatoes are your strength and power focused work.

YES, finishers are great at helping you burn tons of fat and increase your conditioning, but if you want to BEST results possible you’ll want to also focus in on building and maintaining lean muscle mass through specific strength and power work.

This doesn’t mean you have to lift 400 lbs for squat, bench 315, and deadlift 500…

It means you need to be using weights that are challenging to you which will force your body to build and maintain muscle, not burn it away.

Now instead of getting into all of the scientific details and specifics to the WHY, I’m just going to show you how to do this in a short and effective manner.

How short?

How’s a 24-minute session for ya??

Well, that’s all your going to need for this extra-special session and let me just say this…

You’ll EARN the right to eat some pancakes after this one 😉

Check out the workout and the demo video below.

Day 5 – Complex Day

1A) E.M.O.T.M. x 5 / Leg x 6 Mins

a)    Split Squat –> BW Bulgarian Squat –> Weighted Bulgarian Squat

2A) Complex – 5 Rounds

a)    Double KB Clean x 5

b)   Double KB Russian Swing x 5

c)    Double KB Deadlifts x 5

d)   KB Push Ups x 10

***Rest 60-90 secs between complexes or LESS

***If no Double KB’s – do Single Arm or Single KB x 5 Rounds

3A) Interval Finisher – 30/30/15 x 4 Rounds

a)   Recline Squat + Row Combo –> Feet Under Anchor Point

b)   Plank –> Plank Knee Tucks –> Plank Cross Body Knee Tucks

So there you go!

A FULL COURSE MEAL, or should I say Training Session that will not only help you shred fat, but will also help build up lean muscle and powerful strength.

ALL great things

This is a FULL session taken from the NEW Garage Built Body Training System that requires only a few kettlebells (or dumbbells), a pull up bar, and your own bodyweight.

Probably the BEST part of all is the fact that each session only lasts 24 minutes or LESS.

With these workouts, you’ll definitely earn the right to cheat in a few extra pancakes here and there 😉
Travis Stoetzel 



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