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Metabolic workout finishers

I especially like # 3 on this list, which most people really jack up because they think that’s what gives them the best results.

Then again, I’m a big believer in #7, too. Reading this list, you’ll soon see why I back Travis up and recommend his programs on my Facebook Workout Q & A when it comes to getting stronger AND leaner.

He calls himself the author of “The Unbreakable Badass”, but that’s too humble. He’s the GENIUS behind it. He’s literally fixed what has been wrong with one of the most popular workout styles and made it right.

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And here is his 10-Step Workout Blueprint:

1) Be sure to TRAIN HEAVY, but train smart – train according to YOUR strength levels.  Use lower rep sets in the 5-1 rep range while focusing HIGH quality reps. If you’re form or technique break down, back up by lowering the amount of weight you use and perfect on being in control of the weight with good form.  This will build true strength.

2) Consistency for Strength / Variety for Conditioning – If you want a ton of variety within your training, add in this in via different quick and fast conditioning finishers – this keeps things fresh but at the same time, doesn’t take away from your consistent strength training results (a la #1)

Quick Mikey Note ==> #2 = #Winning

3) Avoid going to FAILURE – this especially holds true for bodyweight training.  If you’re trying to gain more strength and even conditioning, always leave a few reps in the tank to keep yourself a bit fresh.  Push it to the brink but don’t overdo it.  You’ll thank me.

4) Always train FAST meaning, train EXPLOSIVE.  Think about moving the weights as fast a humanly possible even when the weights are heavy.  The more you take an “aggressive” approach like this towards your training, the better results you’ll get in the end as you’ll find your strength gains to be better and more consistent.  Simply put – Train FAST 😉

5) Jump, Sprint, and Jump same more! If you want to become a lean, mean, athletic looking (and performing) machine, you’ve got to sprint and jump, a lot.  Do some form of jumping or a small bit of sprinting in all of your workouts in order to reap the benefits of jumping and sprinting.  You’ll LOVE the results.  Trust me.

6) Treat your NUTRITON just as serious as you do TRAINING.  If you’re 110% all about hitting up the gym hardcore, you’ve got to be just as determined with your nutrition!  It’s not 50 / 50 or 80 / 20; it’s got to be 100 / 100 for both training and nutrition if you want to absolute BEST results possible.

Quicky Mikey Note ==> Cut back on pancakes

7) COMPETE for faster and better RESULTS!  Yes, show up to your training sessions ready to compete against yourself.  Look at that person in the mirror and make it be known that they will NOT be defeating you today.  When you compete and challenge yourself over time you train, your results will blow through the roof!  Keep track of the loads that you use and times that you complete workouts and training sessions in so that next time you go at it again, it’s time to compete and break records!

8) Always focus on PROGRESSION.  If you want to get consistent gains in strength and even conditioning, you need to follow a set of consistent progressions.  Not many people are able to jump right from A to Z with different movements, especially if their complex movements.  What you’ve got to do is accomplish the steps in between A and Z because it’s these steps in between that you take that will ultimately help build the all around strength and conditioning you’ll have gained in the end.  It’s about the journey.

9) In order to become “Badass” you must THINK like a “badass”.  So, in order for you to get the BEST results possible, you must have your mindset locked into “SUCCESS MODE”.  You must not only have the confidence that you’ll be able to be successful, but you must BELIEVE that you will be.  It all starts within the mind so if you can get yourself thinking as if you’re already a “badass”, you become one no doubt!

10) Lastly, if you truly want to become BADASS, follow the BLUEPRINT that’s been proven to build badass’ – Grab The UNBREAKABLE BADASS Blueprint HERE.

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Good stuff from Travis.

This program is the strategic combination found nowhere else that improves your strength, power and conditioning all at the same time.

Travis walks the walk, too. He competed in Crossfit literally two days before our launch last year. He’s strong, yet ripped at the same time.

“He likes to flip stuff. He likes to lift stuff. He’ll swing a kettlebell, he’ll swing a dumbbell. He’ll huff, yet he’ll puff. He’s a machine, and it’s why he’s lean”. – Dr. Zeuss.

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Boom goes the anabolic and “Finally, a solution to the most popular, yet controversial workout” dynamite,

Mikey, CTT

PS – Travis is calling his program “Crossfit on Steroids”.  It takes the best of what Crossfit has to offer but gets rid of the bad so all you get is the GOOD!

So if you’re serious about getting better and not just “working out”, then you need his system.

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PPS – When you get his system AND complete it, I bet Dr. Zeuss will rap for you, too. Just sayin’.

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