#1 Warmup Mistake (Don’t Do This)

One of the biggest mistakes I see people making in the gym is how they warm up.

You’ll see guys and gals doing arm circles and arm crosses before their workout which is fine but does nothing to prevent a shoulder injury which is the most common area people hurt.

The circles and crosses help lubricate the joint but does NOTHING to prime the actual muscles in the shoulder which is what you need to be doing.

Quick Fix:  During your warm up add some resistance to wake up the muscles of the shoulder, rotator cuff and shoulder blade so they are ready to protect and prevent against a fluke blowout.

There are a bunch of exercises you can use but one of my favorites is the elbows back full range of motion bodyweight push-up with your feet  elevated on something. I learned this from my friend Rick Kaselj.

warm up exercises

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